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  • ❤3D Labyrinth Ball❤ Inside of the maze ball, you'll discover 158 challenging barriers. Turn the intellect ball, make the little ball stay at the beginning. Go and pass the barriers and arrive the ending according to the orientation along with there row head orderly

  • ❤Magical Intellect Ball❤ This 3D intellect ball is good for children to control balance, improve intellect, learn to build up patience, explore for final victory

  • ❤Maze Ball Game❤ This magical maze ball is very suitable for the entire family at home party or family day, keep the children away from computer games. This 3D maze puzzles game is also an ideal intelligent development toy and stress releasing tool both for children and adults

  • ❤Gift For Children❤ As a wonderful space training imagination education toy, this brain teasers puzzle game is a wonderful gift for kids as a birthday gift

  • ❤Great Service❤ As the manufacture of this 3D maze ball, we aim to provide high quality products with excellent service. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us

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    158 challenging obstacles: Make the steel ball back to the starting line. Then you can rotate, flip, twist and spin the maze ball 360 degrees to make the ball get to the finish line. Once the ball falls off from the track, you have to start again.

    Our 3D maze ball is an upgraded version with much more barriers. Ramps, S-shaped tracks all intertwined. You need to follow the 158 numbers printed on the tracks to make the ball arrive to the finish line. An amazing 3D magic puzzle game.

    Our mazze ball is made of ABS, sturdy and durable, anti-impact and non-toxic, transparent cover.

    This brain teasers puzzle game maze ball is suitable for the entire family at home party or family day, keep the children away from computer games. Perfect as a holiday, birthday present or a reward for both kids and grown-ups.

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    1 x 3D magic intelligence ball

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